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Novacolor is truly the jewel in the De Lorenzo crown. Our celebrated professional colour range is the only professional colour range on the market today that is manufactured in Australia, specifically for our climate and conditions. Novacolor is a complete range of low ammonia based colours designed to resist fading from our harsh sun. Novacolor has an infusion of Australian native plant extracts and protein complexes to ensure truer, richer, longer-lasting colour with unmatched shine and condition. Our calibrated Hybrid Fusion Technology allows for longevity in colour and greater economy per tube.




0.26, 0.45, 0.56, 0.62, 0.65, 0.66, 0.67, 0.72, 0.75, AB10.36, AB3.36, AB4.36, AB5.36, AB6.36, AB7.36, AB8.36, AB9.36, B10.32, B5.32, B7.32, B9.32, BLONDE BOOSTER, BLUE, BLUE VIOLET, C1.1, C10.2, C3.2, C5.2, C6.2, C7.2, C8.2, C9.2, CC5.22, CC7.22, CC9.22, CF1, CF3.25, CF5.24, CF7.23, CG3.43, CG5.43, CG6.43, CG7.43, CH2.67, CH4.67, CH6.64, CH8.64, CL7.4, CL8.34, CLARET, CLEAR, COPPER CONCENTRATE, G10.3, G4.3, G5.3, G6.3, G7.3, G8.3, G9.3, GOLD FILLER, GREEN, ICE BEIGE BLONDE, ICE COOL PEARL, ICE VIOLET BLONDE, ICF1, ICF3, ICF5, ICH2.67, ICH4.67, ICH6.64, INTENSE COPPER, INTENSE RED, INTENSE RUBY RED, N1.0, N10.0, N2.0, N3.0, N4.0, N5.0, N6.0, N7.0, N8.0, N9.0, NN3.00, NN5.00, NN6.00, NN7.00, NN8.00, NN9.00, ORANGE CONCENTRATE, RED CONCENTRATE, RED FILLER, RW10.76, RW5.76, RW6.76, RW7.76, RW8.76, RW9.76, SMOKEY PEARL, SP5.56, SP7.63, SUNRAY GOLD, T10.46, T5.46, T6.46, T7.46, T8.46, T9.46, ULTRA LIFT BLONDE MIX, V3.77, V6.77, V9.7, W3.35, W5.35, W6.35, W7.35, YELLOW CONCENTRATE


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